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Econo Lodge Brand

The Econo Lodge brand is exactly what guests are searching for after a day in the city, an easy overnight stay. That’s because Econo Lodge hotels makes it easy for guests in so many ways: the Easy Starts breakfast, easy booking, locations that are easy to find on the road and the city and amenities like free high-speed internet and premium movie channels available at most locations - all without forgetting to be easy on the wallet. With over 800 domestic locations, Econo Lodge is a leader in the economy hotel segment. And the fact that Econo Lodge has such dominant and long-standing brand recognition makes this brand option so much easier.

Econo Lodge guests travel and stay at hotels relatively infrequently, but feel confident when they stay at an Econo Lodge hotel because it is easy to relax and the brand is one place where everything comes easy. There’s no need to stop and ask questions, guests enjoy the feeling of certainty and self-assurance when staying at an Econo Lodge hotel. In essence, the Econo Lodge brand understands its guests and guests understand the brand. Any way you look at it, it’s a naturally synergistic match.

Econo Lodge has been a trusted brand for over 45 years, with a character and personality that fills guests’ internal and external needs to perfection. Econo Lodge is a mature brand that is truly loved by its customers.

Econo Lodge has always been about making it easy for our guest. The idea was born in 1969, in Norfolk, Virginia. A new business category was created around the premise than an innovative and affordable, cost-effective business hotel could thrive. And thrive it did.

The first hotel was built for $275,000. Within 21 days, it was profitable. The initial hotel had 48 rooms, a modest lobby and a basic manager apartment. Costs were simplified and a number of significant innovations such as automatic switchboards and non-smoking rooms were introduced.

We built it. They came. The Future Will be Easy

Where is the Econo Lodge brand going? That’s easy: the brand is going where its guests are going, to a place that speaks to guests in a language they find easy to understand. The bottom line is that Econo Lodge is committed to providing its guests with an easy overnight stay and an easy confidence to help them feel relaxed. The brand dedicated to giving guests exactly what the tagline promises: “Easy Stop In The City.”